Battery Buddy 5s

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Battery Buddy 5s

All-in-One PowerBank, Jump Start, and LED Flashlight!
A powerful compact and convenient one of a kind charge-everything device that fits inside your pocket or cubby hole of your vehicle. Never worry about your smart phone or tablet running low on battery ever again. If your car won’t start, you don’t have to call a tow truck service for assistance. If you enjoy the outdoors you don’t need to bring an additional flashlight. The Battery Buddy is the only thing you need to solve all of these problems. It’s the Swiss army knives of portable power bank devices. It can power and charge all of your devices, start your car, and even save your life in the outdoors! Please note that this model is for use with 4 and 6 cylinder PETROL engines only

Portable Battery Charger On The Go
A great travel companion that you can take with you on the go to charge all of your portable electronic devices, such as smart phones, tablets, cameras, camcorders, GPS unit, MP3 players, wireless headphones, and portable gaming systems. It’s equipped with a 5V / 2.1A USB ports that can charge multiple devices fast and simultaneously. Once devices are fully charged it will go into sleep mode to preserve the battery.

Compact and Convenient To Keep In The Car!
If your car won’t start don’t call a tow truck service or wait on the side of the road for help. Use the Battery Buddy with the jumper cables to start your car battery in a matter of seconds. Keep it in the cubby hole at all times and you can use it multiple times (Up to 20x on a full charge). It’s so easy and convenient to use that every driver should keep one at all times. Please note that this model is for use with 4 and 6 cylinder PETROL engines only..

Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight That’s Convenient For All Purposes!
Whether you’re working under the hood, or outdoors camping you’ll be glad to have this flashlight handy. It has multiple illumination modes: Constant On and SOS Signal Light. If you’re outdoors camping and find yourself in an emergency situation you can use the SOS signal light flash to attract attention. Once activated the SOS signal flash will stay on continuously for up to 120 hours on a full charge. It can make the difference in saving your life

Battery Buddy #5s
Product:Battery Buddy 4 & 6 cylinder petrol engine jump starter
Capacity: 4800 mAh
Input: DC 15V-1A / 5V-1A
Output: 5V-2A
Starting current: 180A
Peak current: 350A
Re-charge time: Approx. 3 hours – 15v-1A
Time between re-charges: Without use approx. 3 months
Dimensions: 137 x 75 x 15mm
Weight: 210g
LED Energy: 0.5W
Life span: >1000 charges
Battery Buddy #5s
Included with the unit

Charging Cables
220v Wall Charger
Car Charger
Multi Cell Phone Type Cable
Proprietary Crocodile Jumper Cables
Exclusive 12v Gadget Adapter
User Manual