Arai RX-7V Vinales

  • R 13,650.00
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In any helmet, regardless of brand, the amount of energy that can be absorbed is limited. Glancing off impacts helps to extend (or maximize) that energy absorbtion capacity in real scenarios. Therefore, Arai has been pursuing a stronger shell and smoother shape that is more likely to glance off impact energy. A small step in the shield mounting mechanism was necessary for the current shield pivot operation. To increase the potential to glance off impact energy, the VAS pivot cover size was reduced and its position on the shell lowered,
yeilding an average of an additional 24mm with reference to the test line of the Shell Standard, allowing more of the shell to be smoother within the test lines of the temple area.

Normally the shield mounting position must remain relatively high, because a lower shield pivot will not allow the shield to open or close.
The SAI shield system has only a single axis (pivot point) for the shield operation, but VAS has a variable axis (moving pivot point).
The shield operation on the VAS model was made possible by combining the Pin trajectory based on an imaginary axis, and the two trajectories of double pivot points. This allows shield opening and closing even with the 24mm lower shield mount postion.