MadMacs Motorcycles take on HERO

MadMacs Motorcycles presents to you; our new Manufacturer, HERO Motorcycles!


With an opening special, HERO Motorcycles Cape Town (situated inside the heart of our Cape Town branch) offers the first service FREE with the purchase of any model within the range available. HERO Motorcycles South Africa (partnered with 'Fire it Up' Motorcycles in Sandton Johannesburg and now Parden Eiland in Cape Town) offers a Standard 5 Year/100,000Km Warranty on all models.


Our team of professionals are PROUD to have been chosen to lead the launch of the brand within our area, Cape Town - Western Cape.


Stemming from India, the HERO brand has been known for it's affiliation with HONDA WING in the past; yet now are independently one of the most sold motorcycles in the world (established yr taken into acc.).


HERO boast reliability and excitement, achieving modern technology that is easy to understand and operate; such as smartphone Bluetooth  connectivity for turn by turn navigation. Fuel economy is the selling point (apart from the great 'value for money') for their commercial or beginner range. Delivery bikes also are offered the option for a 'Commercial Package'. This includes:

  • 2 Year/30,000Km maintenance plan
  • Discount on parts for fleets 
  • Wireless Alarm
  • Live tracker (via SIM)
  • Top box bracket
  • EXCELENT after sales support

For any more information regarding the bikes available or for test ride bookings and sales please contact HERO Motorcycles Cape Town or Mad Macs City Centre and speak to Gavin Howell or alternatively Luca Botes who both endeavor a seamless sales experience from walking in the door, to riding out.

Thank you to all of our customers who continue to support MadMacs threw all the years and we look forward to including every biker in the arrival of the new South African bike brand, HERO.



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