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Are you looking for an affordable transport solution?

You may be forgiven for thinking your options are limited. Our public transport system does not quite cover the entire grid, neither does it offer the freedom to go anywhere, anytime. Motor vehicles are expensive to fuel and maintain, ... read more

2016 Kawasaki Ninja H2 Seen from Up-Close at Mad Macs Motorcycles

To view the best looking bike in town come to the Mad Macs Shop 1 Bright Street Somerset West

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Breakfast run departing from Madmacs Motorcycles 7am

Sunday the 3rd we will be hosting a Breakfast run departing from Madmacs Motorcycles 1 Bright Street Somerset West @7am and we will be he... read more


Go to a local, trusted motorcycle dealership to sell your bike? At Mad Macs Motorcycles, we make it easy: you give us the low down on your bike and we’ll offer you a fair, competitive price

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Through the old postal route on a Versys 300x and a Super Tenere

For a very long time I have wanted to do the old postal route , but I was never quite sure of I would make it with a big bike like the Super Ten.
When the new Kawasaki Versys 300x became available Kevin proposed that we tackle the old postal route with it. Sadly we did not have two demo mode... read more

Zx10 Cup Master

Madmacs Race report

Red Square Zx10 Cup Master 9 sep 2017

With not much time in the seat on the Bridgestone rubber, Jacques knew what he needed to do, get as far up the rows, without thowing the bike down the road, before race1. Despite it being his first time out on these ty... read more

Roller-coaster drama in 8 Hour endurance race

Cape Town – The 35th running of the 8 Hour endurance race for short-circuit motorcycles at Killarney's 'K' circuit at the weekend provided all the drama and rollercoaster emotions this annual end-of-season event is known for, but with fewer crashes than usual and only one injury... read more

How Kawasaki Got Its Green

Back in 1968, as Kawasaki struggled to create a distinctive image for themselves in the rapidly growing U.S. motorcycle market, the company explored several dif... read more